Are you a broker manager with lagging commercial real estate transaction numbers? Are your agents relying on property listing sheets in your agency’s windows or online tire-kickers as their only means of securing new clients? Today’s real estate professionals have a myriad of new resources at their disposal thanks to entrepreneurs within the commercial real estate space. The key is to connect real estate agents with these tools and then advise them on how to maximize the delicious data hidden inside these new platforms. Review the following list of powerful resources for commercial real estate firms to see which ones your agency can use to clobber the competition in signed leasing agreements.


Storefront is meant to connect tenants with short-term rental spaces (seasonal shops, pop-up stores). Using Storefront as a search engine, a savvy real estate professional can uncover vacant commercial properties and act as a matchmaker between the landlord and prospective tenant. Chances are pretty good that if a space is listed as available on Storefront, there are other vacancies in the area too.


Rentlytics offers easy-to-use property management software. Track current rental and lease rates across properties in your city or monitor current vacancy rates for individual commercial buildings. An aggressive real estate professional seeking to increase their showing-to-sales ratio could use Rentlytics’ data to uncover trending locations before their popularity becomes common knowledge or to advise clients of potential rental pricing issues in locations they are considering.


VTS (View the Space) also offers commercial property management tools. Users can view square footage leasing rates, uncover activity reports for specific properties, and view tour analytics to monitor site showings. Floor plans, video tours, and promotion distribution tools are all available via View the Space. Smart real estate agents can analyze the data provided by VTS to target premium properties for their clients.


ShareDesk is another handy tool that can offer plenty of intriguing data to those who know how to dig for details. ShareDesk connects interested parties with vacant spaces that are available for short or long term rentals. A commercial real estate agent could utilize the ShareDesk platform to connect their clients with short-term rentals for pop-up shops, negotiate lower rates with landlords by leveraging vacancy rate data, or uncover quirky locations other agents might not even have on their radar. The ability to discover unusual locations and close multiple deals quickly could be an excellent marketing niche to capitalize upon.

If you want to grow a successful commercial real estate business, you cannot rely on yesterday’s tools. Building an awareness of fresh resources and using them to your advantage can have you leap-frog jumping over your competition.