As the warm weather begins to return, you’re likely excited to spend more time outside your house and enjoy your deck or patio. In order to prepare for nicer weather and the summer months approaching, it’s time to take care of some deck spring maintenance! This can be a lot of fun and offers various ways you make your deck experience unique and add your own personal touches.

1. Sweep and Clean Debris

The first step to preparing everything on your deck is to clear off any remaining fall leaves, accumulated dirt or anything else that may have gathered on your deck. Watching a surface go from dirty to clean can be incredibly satisfying and can make you really feel accomplished.

2. Remove (and Clean) Objects

If you left anything out on your deck over the winter, make sure to remove it now. Outdoor furniture, the grill, and pots for plants should be moved off the deck to make the next step easier. These items may also need to be cleaned and you may even be able to get someone else to do it for you while you move to the next step.

3. Hose Down and Wash Your Deck

There are different type of cleaners you can choose form based on your decking material. Sometimes a good hosing down or power wash is all you need but applying a water seal can add extra protection! Wooden decks may also require some extra TLC for deck spring maintenance, including some sanding if you really want to spruce things up.

4. Include Small Touches

Now that everything is clean and maintained, take the time to really get to know your deck. Look it over and check for any specific spots that need some extra love and repair. Taking care of these areas is easiest to do now.

5. Redecorate!

If going from shabby to maintained isn’t your favorite part of deck spring maintenance, then adding all the decorations probably is! Return any of your (now clean) furniture and other objects and add your personal touch by including a pop of your favorite color, fun patterns, beautiful potted plants, or any other creative ideas! Have fun with it and make it a spot you’ll enjoy spending time on the beautiful summer days to come.