There is no shortage of online professionals making promises to drive leads in your direction, but there’s a better solution than relying on outside help – driving leads to your pages yourself! When you master your own digital marketing you create new eyes on your real estate agency without having to spend your precious marketing budget on outside consultants. Utilizing blogs and social media is the best way to increase your visibility without spending an extra cent, so quit missing out on this golden opportunity.

Social Media is Key

The days of social media being a thing for the younger generation are gone, and never coming back. Today, seemingly everyone and their grandmother is on social media, sharing pictures and posts with friends. This makes social networks a ripe opportunity for creating buzz about your real estate agency. There are two key steps to driving traffic to your pages. First you have to create content people enjoy, then you need to make it seen.

As a realtor you already know how to take eye-catching pictures of your listing, but it’s no good if nobody is seeing them. Hashtags are a great way to raise your visibility. Use a combination of generic hashtags clients will be browsing, like #househunters, and branded tags unique to your posts, like a hashtag with a play on your company name.

A Picture of Words is Worth a Thousand Words

If you don’t spend a lot of time browsing Instagram or Pinterest, you may be surprised to know that some of the most popular pictures shared aren’t photographs at all. An inspirational or thought-provoking quote is a sure-fire way to get noticed and shared. Attach quotes about the joys of a first home to pictures of your new listing. Use an ode to relaxing as you show off a beautiful fireplace.

You don’t just have to use famous quotes, either. Testimonials from prior customers are a great way to establish your reliability. If you get permission to tag them on the post it gives your post even more credibility.

Don’t Neglect Your Blog

Social media is great, but you also want to dominate search results, and that’s where your blog comes into play. The exact algorithms which determine search engine placement are kept secretive, and they’re always changing, but there are some overall elements which are evergreen and will pay off for the long haul. The best advice for blogging is to write quality content about things your clients would be searching for. By including keyword searches a few times, but not so often it makes your content unnatural, you will see your rankings rise. The more your posts are shared on social media, the better they’ll list, so always value quality over keyword spamming.

A real estate business relies on a steady stream of leads to stay afloat. As our world gets increasingly digital, the need for effective digital marketing grows daily. Don’t wait until you’ve been left behind to get your digital marketing off the ground.