New technologies like social media and email have revolutionized the real estate marketing business in the past decade. And in 2019, those changes are going to keep on coming.

To keep differentiating your real estate business, it’s worth investigating the latest trends in real estate marketing and deciding which ones you want to invest in. Not all these methods will be appropriate for every customer and demographic – millennials might love chatbots for instance, but make sure you’re still available on a good old-fashioned telephone for less digital-savvy clients.

The following trends will give you an idea of what’s out there right now. Do any of them look right for your business?

1) Chatbots are on the rise

Chatbots can be added to your website and provide basic artificial intelligence (AI) tools which save you time and money. Chatbots work as real-time chat boxes where customers can ask questions about your properties, book in a viewing or request more information. They save you time, and mean prospective home buyers can get questions answered fast.

2) Using drones during viewings

Drones were once mainly used for entertainment but are increasingly being used in different industries – including the property sector. When showing customers around a property, a real-time drone video can show them the perimeters of the property, and allows them to see how it fits in with the rest of the neighborhood.

3) Hyper-local information to boost trust

One interesting trend that’s expected to grow in the coming year is the provision of hyper-local content on realtor websites. We’re talking about whitepapers, blogs and e-books about local entertainment, the history of different neighborhoods and interviews with local business owners. This trend to hyper-local content enhances trust among your potential customers.

4) Digital open houses

Digital open-houses use live streaming, as well as recordings, to allow customers to view a property they’re interested in without having to travel there. It allows you to ‘spread your net’ and ensure the maximum number of potential buyers view the home.

5) More segmented email marketing

Email has always been the king of digital marketing, but in 2019, realtors will turn this into an art. Rather than sending traditional email blasts with new listings, realtors are going to start developing more targeted email campaigns, segmented by audience types, which improve ROI.